Eco Mannequins

Our sustainable mannequins offer a unique environmentally responsible solution with no compromise in quality, weight, strength or function. Our patented products provide clients with a genuine option to improve their environmental credentials with a reduction of 60% in CO2 emissions compared to the manufacture of conventional glass fibre mannequins, using only natural, plastic-free materials and non-toxic finishes. Furthermore, the mannequins are fully biodegradable so can be disposed of responsibly when they reach end of life.

The no compromise promise extends to style with our sustainable mannequins being available with life-like, contemporary or abstract characters, in any pose and with conventional or intricate features. Additionally we can use the technology to provide sustainable mannequins which are indistinguishable to look at from conventional ones.

  • Unique, patented solution
  • 60% reduction in CO2 during manufacture
  • Sustainable, plastic-free raw materials
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Biodegradable
  • No compromise in function
  • No compromise in style