Our bespoke service allows you the creativity to design your mannequins to be as unique and individual as your brand.

Our mannequins are designed to maintain their function and beauty through long term usage in demanding retail environments. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are subject to a comprehensive quality control processes throughout manufacture and before they are delivered to clients.

We offer a full, white-glove assembly service, or they can be assembled by the client, or a 3rd party, with full instructions provided.

High quality joint fittings are designed for easy assembly and freedom of movement. Weight is proportioned to ensure stability while not being too heavy for re-positioning. Depending on the style, ease of dressing has been considered at the design stage, for example a spring mechanism within the leg allows tightening with out diss-assembling, meaning one person can change the trousers by themselves.

  • Designed for busy retail environments
  • Multiple quality control checks
  • White-glove assembly offered
  • Full instructions available for self assembly
  • High quality joints
  • Weight proportioned for stability
  • User-considerate design